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Customization Knowhow - Product Parts Explaination

For conviniencing Bag Specialists and Professional Clients custom product online, we develop ONLINE-CUSTOM Function .  Clients can easily customize their desired style, color by changing the materials,  colors by picking up from our online ‘Materials Liberary’  
By carrying out it successfully, it is the first stage shall be familiar with the product Parts Term
Part Name
Referring Pictures Illustration
Main Material
Usually its referred the fabric that covers the Outside of biggest Portion/Part of a bag, or make up the Main Pocket.  And such Main Materials will become the Main factor of a Bags Style. 
Matching Material
It refers to another Material, Smaller Portion comparing to, and differs to Main Material.  Its commonly used at Outside Binding, Handles,  or the Base of a Logo.
Its mainly refer to thinner, lighter fabrics, that used in the INSIDE of a bag.
Main Zipper
This refers to Zipper used from Outside, to seal the Main Compartment/Pockets
Main Zipper Puller
This refer to Zipper Pull used to match Zipper Outside
Zipper Inside
Opposite to Zipper Ouside, it referes to zipper used at Inside, its commonly sewn with Lining 
We refer it as the layer applied between the Main Materials and Lining, usually taking sponge, EVA foam, to make a bag softly touched, or be more protective from outside pressue.  Some client would like to take it off, in order to meet tight budget in a promtional purpose.
Its refer to Clients Brand name, it can be materialized like silk-screen imprint, emboridery, metal badge, rubberized, embossed, and more.
Referring a long, narrow band, or fabrics being cut into long band, and then using such bands to trim the interior edge of bags, to make the bag inside looks more tiny and clear.
All types of webbing using, either for shoulder straps, or anywhere the bags will require.
All types of Vecro used both inside and outside.
All sort sof hanger, made of Plastic or metal, commonly using for hanging toiletry bags, mens toiletry bags.


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