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Different Type of Logo Setup Breakdown

At the moment we provide following types of Logo Personalization, and different mold setting-up requires different, costs, and time, etc. (Mold Setup Cost, and Cost/pc vary to different size, color etc. - actual cost can be quoted based on seen logo file)

Personalized LOGO Type


Setup Mould Cost

Cost per Piece


Apply to

1. Silk Screen Imprint
Typically uses a fabric stretched tightly over a frame. Images are created by blocking parts of the screen using various techniques. Ink is forced through the open areas of the screen onto the surface of the object. A separate screen must be created for each color to be printed and colors must be applied in passes allowing drying time between each. This is the most common method of imprinting on promotional items.  It can further classified into Block Imprint and Monogrammed Imprint
Ref Block Imprint example US$30 for Basic 1 Color, and US$10.00 Per color later on US$0.10 per color (subject to the printing size not exceeding 5*5 cm) 3 working days Almost all fabrics, Sound printing effect for smooth surface fabrics. 
Ref Monogrammed Imprint example US$50 subject to size of actual printing area, color quantity 4-5 working days Ditto
2. Four-Color Process Printing(CMYK)
Four-color process printing is a process in which we start with finished full-color artwork and separate out the three subtractive primary colors of yellow, cyan, magenta, plus black. A program creates separate films that are then printed with special process inks and the resulting print appears just like the original artwork.
Ref CMYK Printing example US$150 Ditto 4-5 working days Ditto
3.Thermal transfer
is a technology that uses heat to deposit dye or resin onto a finished product. It works by using heat and pressure to transfer the ink off the ribbon and onto the substrate that it is in contact with. 
Ref Thermal Transfer US$150 subject to size of actual printing area 4-5 working days Ditto
A printing method in which the color (toner or ink) is thermally converted to a gas that hardens on the special substrate used by the printer. When printers use this process, the output appears in the form of soft-edged dye spots that produce smooth, continuous tones. A newer process used on a wide variety of materials.
Ref Sublimation US$150 subject to size of actual printing area 4-5 working days Ditto
A design stitched onto a material through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines. Artwork must first be "digitized," which is the specialized process of converting two-dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. The digitizer must actually recreate the artwork using stitches. Then it programs the sewing machine to sew a specific design, in a specific color, with a specific type of stitch. This is the process known as digitizing. Embroidery is also commonly used.
Ref Embroidery example US$30 subject to size of embroidery area, starting from US$0.20 per piece 
4-5 working days All Fabrics, leather, NOT for Clear PVC
6.Metal Engraving/Embossed/Debossed
The logo is formed by injecting boiling metal liquid into presetup logo Mould. After cooling down and further several processing like 
polishing, stenciling, etc.  This is commonly applied to metal badge, metal zipper puller.
Ref Metal Logo1
Ref Metal Logo2
Ref Metal Logo3

Ref Zip Puller1
Ref Zip Puller2
US$200 approx. US$0.1-0.2/pc 15 days Metal Logos, Zip Puller
7.Lasering Logo
The general term for incising lines directly into a metal plate or, in the case of wood engraving, an end grain block of hard wood. Laser engraving uses a laser to vaporize a preprogrammed pattern into the surface of the material. 
Ref Metal Logo1

Ref Zip Puller1
Ref Zip Puller2
US$30 approx. US$0.1-0.2/pc 7 days  Metal Plate, Zip Puller
8.Rubberized Logo Ref Rubberized Badge

Ref Rubberized Zip Pull1

Ref Rubberized Zip Pull2
US$30 approx. US$0.1-0.3/pc 4-5 working days Badge, Zip Pull, Decorative Accessories
9.Emboss / Deboss
Embossing impresses an image into the surface in relief creating a raised image. Debossing is just the opposite and creates an image pressed into the surface of an object.
Ref Emboss example US$30 approx. US$0.1/pc 4-5 working days Leather, PVC leather and NOT oxford nylon fabirc
10.Jacquard Ref Jacquard example US$150 Subject to actual jacquard size used 15-20 working days Main Body Fabrics; Lining
11.Woven Label Ref Woven Label example US$30 Subject to actual size used (approx. 0.02-0.08/pc) 3 working days Main Body Fabrics; Lining
12.Crystal or Rhinestone Ref Crystal /Rhinestone example  US$50 Subject to actual size used (approx. 0.15-0.25/pc) 5 working days  Main Body Fabrics

Logo File Format, we accept 2 different files:

a. Vector Graphics Files (Like AI - Adobe Illustrator; PDF - Adobe; EPS - Encapsulated Postscript File; CDR - Corel Draw)
b. Bitmap / Raster Graphics Files (in absolute minimum of 300dpi or higher)  (Like in format of PDS - Adobe Photoshop; EPS - Encapsulated Postscript File; TIFF - Tagged Information File Format; BMP - Windows Bitmap)

In case client is not familiar with, nor can provide with such formatplease just send us your logo pictures, then our in-house graphic designer will design the logo for you till your final approval, before we start the various mould setup. However we charge small re-design fee US$50.00.

Color Match - If you specially need an exact color to be matched, please remark the logo with exactly PANTONE Code (PMS); (See Pantone Color Chart for Customizing Logo) However, please note that we can only match up to approx. 95% - 99% accuracy, NOT 100%. 

Why We Charge Cost for Setup Mold - 
We charge the cost is merely to cover the manufacturer costs for labor and materials needed in order to transfer your logo to the printing method.  Such as

A silk-screen imprint requires a screen fee for each color used in your artwork and is needed to manufacturer you the screens you will need for printing your logo; and

Digitizing for embroidery requires that we make you a digitized tape so the stitching machine can recreate your logo on fabric, and

Metal Plate, requires special mold to melt the logo etc.          

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