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by from 69.9.108.*

Hi Martin, Yes I did, they are great! Love them :) Thanks for asking. Thank you, Elizabeth

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dated:2014/7/17 1:28:51

by Karen from United States 172.250.78.*

Hi Martin, Thank you for your note. Yes, our client received the bags and are pleased with the order. I will let you know when we are ready to reorder and thank you again for producing the replacements so quickly. Enjoy the week. Karen

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dated:2014/7/15 23:40:31

by JOI from United States 122.109.136.*

Hi Martin, Thank you for following up. Yes, we received it and all is fine. Thank you so much.

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dated:2014/7/1 2:43:20

by Jacquelyn from Australia 120.148.242.*

Thanks Martin. The packs are selling well, and the bags are great. I appreciate your help and attentiveness to make this happen. I will be sure to recommend you and purchase bags from you in the future. Cheers jac

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dated:2014/4/24 13:23:55

by Eva from Sweden 112.109.213.*

Hi! The package has arrived! Very very very nice! Thank you!!!!

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dated:2014/3/17 18:41:31

by Yasmar from Australia 124.254.76.*

Hi martin, thanks for the follow up. We are extremely pleased with the bag they met all our expectations, we are looking forward to designing the next bag with you. thanks very much

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dated:2014/2/25 6:21:43

by Mario from Canada 69.70.242.*

Hello Martin, -happy new year! -still not ready to order but very pleased with what we had received bye bye

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dated:2014/2/25 0:48:38

by Hristina from United Kingdom 109.231.223.*

Dear Martin, Thanks for your email! The bags were very nice and we will definitely order again when we need more. Best regards,

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dated:2014/2/24 20:51:19

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