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Dear Martin, THANK YOU... RECEIVED & delighted!! regards
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by Fiona from Australia 122.109.136.* dated:2012/7/30 11:23:23
Hello, Thank you so much for your shippent and great merchandise. I also am very thankful for your call to confirm shippment. All is received and great. Thank you again
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by Fabiola from United States 175.43.121.* dated:2012/6/1 3:07:21
Thanks Ellen - we received the sample yesterday - it looks great! Very excited to receive the rest of the shipment. Thanks!
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by Katie from Australia 110.175.77.* dated:2012/4/12 6:26:35
Hi Jacky Yes we received it J Thank you J Thanx very much what else do you do?
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by Shirley from Australia 110.142.75.* dated:2012/2/5 9:29:11
... we have been doing business with Kinmart since 1994, and I cannt find another suitable partner than Kinmart...they seems just working without stop. I like their efficiency as ours are in promotional business - Time is all!
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by Bernie from Singapore 202.156.8.* dated:2011/9/7 13:38:06
... when I go to China, I want to have a successful business, then I choose Kinmart, as at Kinmart, I always can get the products what I want; They can always develop new products in time and it saves much time for me; also in my sales market, they always offers me unique products; what makes me more relieved is that their quality is really very good, and I sell them very fast and smoothly. They really is my good business partner!
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by Abubaker from Ethiopia 197.156.100.* dated:2010/3/12 8:34:04
... as for our experience in several years of work with KINMART, we are happy to state that this Company has always been a very reliable and efficient supplier.
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by francesco from Italy 79.13.122.* dated:2008/5/23 18:06:07

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