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I am good thank you for asking. I meant to email you to the the bags look GREAT ! I am ver impressed with the work it is exactly what I wanted. Do you by any chance do boxes or any other promotional material ?
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by Marco from United States 36.249.13.* dated:2013/9/14 0:24:08
Hi Martin! So glad your had a good trip. Yes, we have received our shipment and are very happy with the order! The only thing we noticed was how poorly they were packaged on the skid. By the time they reached us, our courier couldn’t get them off the truck without them toppling over. Thank goodness they were soft cargo. We appreciate all of your help, and I am sure you will be hearing from us again in the future! Chat soon,
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by Karli from Canada 142.179.170.* dated:2013/8/28 0:07:01
Hi Martin - Yes - we received them and everything looks good. Thank you so much! Leah
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by Leah from United States 175.43.185.* dated:2013/8/6 23:31:07
Hello Martin, The bags were good and we thank you! We have a new project we are working on and I wanted to see if you can help us with that. We are manufacturing a bag for the holidays but it would be custom made. How would we go about this? Thank you Gabriel
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by Gabriel from United States 58.23.90.* dated:2013/7/12 1:56:42
Hi Martin My apologies I thought I sent you an email the day after we received the order to thank you for shipping on time as promised. We were delighted with the product and quality. You didnt send a colour sample of the pinks, as next time we would most likely order 6,000 to 10,000 Of each colour. Any chance you could send samples of the pinks you have? Ok if its only a patch or other profucts you have msnufactured. We just want to be sure of thd correct shade of pink. Many thanks once again.
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by Teresa from Australia 203.134.55.* dated:2013/7/2 9:06:15
Hi Martin, I just wanted you to know that the bags arrived today. That was the fastest delivery ever! We wait longer for items to be delivered when they are shipped within the country. The bags are really beautiful. Thanks so much. All the best, Holly
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by Holly from United States 108.214.61.* dated:2013/5/21 2:02:50
Hi Martin, Thank you so much for the order. The pouches are beautiful.
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by Laura from United States 162.228.70.* dated:2013/5/18 8:31:04
Hi Martin, The bags arrived today! Thank you very much – they look fantastic! Cheers Bambi
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by Bambi from Australia 121.218.250.* dated:2013/5/14 9:03:30

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