Chinese New Year Holiday Notice 2021

Happy Chinese New Year 2021 from KINMART
Happy-Chinese-New-Year-2021 from KINMART

We always appreciate our Customers’ and Friends’ kind support & cooperation in the past, and look forwards to serving you more and better in the days to come.

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An Overview on Premium Quality Makeup Bags with Genuine Rates

When you are traveling, you must have a makeup bag as a must-have you keep yourself organized. Remember that a makeup back is not merely an accessory for you. It is also a kind of style statement. Carrying a product from a top brand adds value to your persona. It speaks volumes about your propensity. It is highly recommended to go for a top brand when you are thinking of spending money to purchase a cosmetics bag. Usually, top brands have several types of product lines on its official website. It is easy to go through different types of bags and shoes an appropriate product.

Useful Shopping Bag Monogrammed

Waterproof lining

Sometimes, you might fear to experience leakage of specific cosmetic products when you carry them. There can be stains all over your garments. Hence, it is essential that the bags you carry should have a strong waterproof lining that acts as a shield against unfortunate leaks.

Promotional Handbag

Compartments with zips

Keep in mind the fact that the best wholesale makeup bags have multiple compartments with zips. You can put all sorts of materials in the compartments. Often, they come with a sturdy hook that lets you hang them conveniently.

Transparent compartment

You can choose a bag that has a transparent plastic compartment that makes it easy for you too quickly have a look at the materials that you might need immediately.

Focus on customizable feature

Many Custom makeup bags have a removable partition. It includes slots for makeup brushes. Search bags can be customized to meet specific requirements for storage. They provide you with more flexibility when you travel.

Mesh Handbag

Stylish leather bags

If you are fond of high-quality accessories, then you can go for hand-stitched leather bags. They establish a classic style statement when you travel.

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We thank you for your kind & continuous support and shall look forward to more fruitful years ahead. 
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Important Features To Be Considered Before Buying A Monogram Toiletry Bag

Did you ever imagine the importance of purchasing a toilet bag while travelling? If not, then take a look here. Without a toiletry bag, it will be difficult for you to keep all the things in one place while travelling. And it will also be difficult for you to find a particular item. That is why it is important to purchase a monogram toiletry bag or a makeup bag. There are some of the factors that you need to consider while buying these bags which are communicated below.

Monogram Promotional Hanging Makeup Toiletry Bag

Place of purchasing

While purchasing a makeup bag or a toiletry bag the most important thing is selecting the manufacturer. If the makeup bag manufacturer is not good then at times the product also found to be of poor quality. That is why it is quite important to select the manufacturer wisely. To know more about it you can definitely collect more information from your friends or your family members. They will also be able to tell you about the best manufacturer that is available in the country. Make sure that you do not end up purchasing a bag from the manufacturer which is quite expensive and the quality is also bad.

Organizing the bag

Organizing the bag in a proper way will help you to find the required item in a proper place. You need to first select between the single compartment toiletry bag and a bag which has different compartments for keeping different things. Selecting the bag that is having different compartments to keep different things will help you to keep the things in a better way. While selecting these bags you will also have endless option that is why it is quite important that you select the best one. Are you looking for a simple bag or a bag that is trendy? Consider these things while purchasing the bag.

Monogram Promotional Hanging Makeup Toiletry Bag
Monogram Promotional Hanging Makeup Toiletry Bag

Size of the bag

The most important thing that a person needs to consider while selecting a toiletry bag is the size of the bag. You need to select a bag that should not consume much space. Also make sure that the bag you are purchasing should be having enough space to keep all the things properly. You need to see that while travelling you should be able to keep this in such a way that it should consume much space.

Style of the bag

Style of the bag is also important factor which needs to be considered when you are purchasing these bags. Many of them look for the style of the bag first. If they do not like the style then they will never opt for the bag. So you need to select a manufacturer who manufactures these bags that are not only durable but also fashionable. Now a day’s people are more interested in looking for those bags which are fashionable.

You should definitely consider these factors before selecting the best bag of your choice. Make sure that you are checking the quality as well.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!

Kinmart: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!

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Buy Personalized Makeup Bag at Affordable Budget

Are you ardent about doing make up every now and again? Well, if that is the case, then shop for an affordable personalized makeup bag online today itself. These bags come in varying shapes, sizes as well as colors. When you will hook up with any of these online shopping centers, you will be bugged up with their ritzy collection. Also, if you wish, you can get your bag customized according to the range of your make up products. Whether you have a penchant for resplendent colors or you are more into lighter shades. The moment you will indulge a shopping spree from any of these online shopping centers, you come across a wide array of color choices.

Nice Peacock Design Cosmetic Bag Personalized

The prices are budget-friendly

Wondering what these custom made cosmetic bags are pretty expensive? No worries at all! While you will be shopping from any of these online companies, you can save lot of money. The price range is quite pocket-friendly. Hence, you don’t have to dread to spend exorbitant amounts while shopping. You can serve the dual purpose of shopping from the comfort of home that too within the means of your budget.

Come across an exclusive collection

Be it a vibrant shade of blue, a florally designed product or something with a lighter shade. When you will shop from an online shopping store, you will come across a wide variety of colors. And there are also options aplenty for you to choose from. Be it the roll-up bag or vanity case. You can now shop from a diverse range of products according to your varying needs. And in case you don’t like any of these options cropped on the screen, then no worries. You can now get your personalized bag made according to your personal choices.

Get the finest collection of monogram toiletry bag

If you are looking for the finest range of monogram toiletry bag, then these online companies can satiate your needs. These online companies make these custom made bags out of a wide variety of materials. A few of these materials are satin, clear vinyl, nylon, mesh to name just a few. Not only this, but each of these bags will also have a holographic design on them which is worth beholding. Keeping your toiletries inside something very ritzy will surely make you feel luxurious from inside.

Monogrammed Pattern Cosmetic Bag with Side Mesh Pocket

The purchase procedure

The entire process starts very technically. After your concerned company receives the logo file, they will send you the drawing design. And this will come to you completely unpaid as well. And you will be able to take a look at how exactly your logo is going to look at your personalized bag. After that, a team of professionals will display an attractive logo-ing mode for you to choose from. And to the best of suggestion, it’s best to get your personalized logo done on a silk imprint. And this will prove immensely cost-effective as well as a brilliant option to go with. So, why waiting any longer? Hook up with any of these online shopping centers today and shop for the ritziest bags ever.

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Where to find Wholesale Cosmetic Bags, Wholesale Handbags & Totes?

Along so many years to come Kinmart mainly focus at Custom Order service for client worldwide, however quite many times we are asked by some of our clients, if:

  • If they can buy smaller quantity like 100 pieces, or 200 pieces that less than our normal MOQ custom Order quantity; or
  • if we can act as a makeup bags wholesaler that keeps some inventory of bulk cosmetic bags, totes or handbags that we can wholesale and direct to them directly.

To satisfy with client’s need, we decide to act as Bag Wholesaler to add Wholesale Bag business by pre-manufacturing and keep inventory of certain bulk Cosmetic Bags, Handbags, Totes, that enable to directly and quickly ship wholesaleOrder from our own China bag factory at cheap rate. Therefore our wholesale business scope includes:


Following is some points for Wholesale Order:

  • Price: Being manufactured by our-own China factory, the cost is very cheap, some is at discount rate as low as US$0.48/pc;
  • MOQ: Our Wholesale Order only requires a very small minimum order quantity, starting from 5-10 pcs each item; or even only 2 pcs for the wholesale Handbag orders, and as long as a total wholesale order amount is over USD50.00 Net.
  • Delivery:  the Wholesale bag order is directly & quickly consolidating from stock within 1-3 working days;  then another 5-7 working days shipped through international courier, like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Payment: Wholesale Order is easy paid online by PayPal (associated with Visa, Master Card etc.), Western Union, MoneyGram, or even by by T/T for volume buyers. Start experiencing to place a wholesale order with us today!
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How to Custom Cosmetic Bags, Custom Tote and Custom Handbags in China

Since 2000 Kinmart has become a successful Chinese Bag Manufacturing Factory and Supplier in China, providing Custom Bags Order Business.

Custom Order Definition

Means OEM or ODM, Clients can personalize any bags with their desired style, Fabric(such as Microfibre, Satin, Nylon, Artificial Leather, Canvas and more) and Accessories, color and size as well as monogrammed Logo and Brands (in Silk Screen Imprint, Embroidery, Metal Badge, Rubberized, etc.); and subject to certain mini order quantity and certain production lead-time.

Custom Order Reason & Benefit

Clients can choose right style bags with specific fabric, color and logo, or corporate badge to either match their own company’s seasonal sale strategy; or for corporate promotional campaign.

Custom Order Steps and How-to

1st, It’s not only creative & funny for Bags Personalization & Customization, whatever you want Personalized Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bags, Custom Tote Bags, Custom Made Handbags, etc., as Corporate Promotional Gift bags, or Giveaway Gifts, but also require some experiences or basic knowledge of, such as different style Bag Construction, Fabrics and Accessories, and different Logo / Badges applicability.
2nd, you may start choosing your interested Makeup Bags, Toiletry Bag, Tote Bag, or Handbags online. Under a specific bag detailed page you can further custom the <Order Quantity>, or click either <Personalize A LOGO> or <Custom Bag More>, which will lead you next step to a Bag Personalization Page, allowing to replace with different fabrics, colors, accessories, as well as create and upload your own brand & Logo.
3rd, new prices based on your personalization and intended order quantity will be automatically refreshed up to you. Click <Save & Return> to return to previous Page. (Registration / login is required)
4th, now you can either place <Sample Order>, <Custom Order> or send further inquiries.
Isn’t it easy to place Custom Order? In case you are not familiar with, then you can simply drop us a few lines by email with your customization requirements, then we Kinmart will customize for you, even send you personalized bags visual designs for your approval.

Custom Order Product Scope

Personalized Makeup Bag, Cosmetic Bag with Logo

Personalized Makeup Bag with Logo


and More.


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 - Kinmart

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

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On the month of Ramadan, we wish you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment.

Happy Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

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