Where to find Wholesale Cosmetic Bags?

For years, Kinmart has been dedicated to offering Custom Order services to clients across the globe. Yet, we’ve often encountered inquiries from customers interested in purchasing smaller quantities—such as 100 or 200 pieces—which fall below our standard minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom orders. In response to these requests and to better meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have expanded our services to include acting as a Bag Wholesaler. This new venture allows us to offer wholesale cosmetic bags, makeup bags, handbags, totes, and more, directly from our inventory, ensuring faster delivery at competitive rates.

Our Wholesale Business Scope

  • Wholesale Cosmetic Bags: Essential for organizing beauty products for personal use or retail.
  • Wholesale Makeup Bags: Perfect for keeping makeup secure and organized, whether for daily use or travel.
  • Cheap Handbag Wholesale: High-quality handbags available at unbeatable prices.
  • Wholesale Cosmetic Mesh Bags: Ideal for visibility and breathability of beauty items.
  • Wholesale Toiletry Bags: A must-have for organizing toiletries for travel or gym use.

Benefits of Our Wholesale Orders

  • Competitive Pricing: As these products are manufactured in our own factory in China, we offer them at incredibly low prices, with some items starting as low as $0.48 per piece.
  • Low MOQ: Our wholesale orders require a very small minimum order quantity, starting from just 5-10 pieces for most items, and even 2 pieces for wholesale handbag orders, provided the total wholesale order amounts to over $50.00 net.
  • Quick Delivery: Wholesale orders are quickly consolidated from stock within 1-3 working days, followed by expedited shipping that takes an additional 5-7 working days through international couriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Easy Payment Options: Payments for wholesale orders can be conveniently made online via PayPal (linked with Visa, MasterCard, etc.), Western Union, MoneyGram, or T/T for volume buyers.

Embark on a seamless wholesale shopping experience with us today. Kinmart is here to supply you with high-quality bags at wholesale prices, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. Whether you’re a retailer, a promotional company, or simply in need of a bulk supply for any purpose, we’re equipped to meet your needs with our extensive inventory and efficient service.

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