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Plain Microfiber(10)
Soft Nylon Mesh(3)
Sparkle Satin(6)
Quality PVC Fabric (Ostrich)(8)
Transparent PVC(2)
PU Fabric - Litchi Pattern(2)
190T Checked(1)
High Quality PVC Tiny Woven Pattern(1)
Canvas With Strips(1)
Quality PVC Fabric (Moon & Stars)(6)
Canvas With Little Flower Print(1)
Jacquard Fabric w/Flowers(1)
Jacquard Fabric w/Squares design(1)
Special Mesh W/Flowers(3)
Poly Mesh(5)
High Quality PVC (Raindrop Pattern)(2)
Striped PVC Leather(2)
Clear Transparent Vinly(7)
Heavy Quality 1680D Nylon Dual(Ballistic)(2)
Nylon Mesh with Floral(1)
Soft Nylon Check Heart Pattern(1)
Quality Satin With Printed Paisley Design(1)
Striped Jacquard With Multi Color(1)
Quality Satin Monogrammed with Paisley Print Pattern(2)
Jacquard Fabric W/Flower(1)
Soft Nylon Check with Heart Print Pattern(1)
PU Leather - Snake Skin Pattern(1)
PVC Fabric with Heart Embroidery(2)
300D Fabric with Multi-Color Stripe(1)
Metallic PVC Leather(2)
Faux Leather(1)
Cotton Canvas(2)
Quilt PU Leather (Air Bubble)(2)
PVC Leather (with Crocodile Skin Pattern)(1)
PU Leather(Croc Skin Pattern)(1)
High Quality Snake Skin PU Leather(1)
Paisley Print Pattern Polyester(3)
Saffiano PVC Leather(3)
Tiger Pattern PU Leather(3)
Leopard Pattern PU Leather(1)
Monogrammed Print Polka Dots Satin(1)
Snake Skin Pattern Faux Leather(2)
Camouflage Neoprene(1)
High Quality Snake Skin PU Leather(2)
High Quality Nylon with Check Quilt Pattern(1)
Peacock Pattern Canvas(1)
Snake Skin Pattern PU Leather(1)
Super Soft and Quality Nylon(1)
PU Leather(4)
Walf checked(3)
Glossy Qualtiy PU Monogrammed with Paisley Design(1)
Fabric with Monogrammed Rose Pattern in Korea Style(2)
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Custom & Wholesale Bags by Kinmart: Your Premier Choice in China


Discover the unparalleled selection of custom and wholesale bags at Kinmart, China's leading bag manufacturer and wholesaler. From chic cosmetic bags to versatile totes, durable handbags, and practical backpacks, our extensive product range is designed to cater to various styles and needs. 


Whether you're looking for a unique personal accessory or an impactful promotional item, Kinmart's custom bag solutions are tailored to bring your vision to life. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures each bag is not just a carrying solution but a statement piece that stands out. With Kinmart, experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and customizability, all at competitive wholesale prices. 


Explore our collection today and discover how our bags can transform your daily routines, promotional campaigns, or retail offerings.



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