Most Welcomed Promotional Cosmetic Bag

Custom Cosmetic Bag With Corporate Logo

Custom Cosmetic Bag With Corporate Logo

The item which we are quite proud is our Cosmetic Bag KM-A1188.00, which made of smooth-feeling Satin, bright color fabrics.  The style, the shape is appealing.

Such bag is acceptable to have it personalized with the corporate logo, or brand name imprinted in the front, at the center or anywhere you like, or even you can monogram its all main body with your designs!

In case you want custom the bag with your preferable color, that’s fine.  We have approx. 20 different colors of satin available to tailor-make to your requirement.

With our quickly turn-out,  low cost pricing, the bag become hot choice for cosmetic companies  who plan to launch  a new promotional campaign.

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