How To Custom Makeup Bag, Monogrammed Tote Bags

DIY, Custom Makeup Bags with Logo at Kinmart

We have many clients whom are very interested in Custom Makeup Bag, Monogrammed Tote Bag. etc, at their own style, shape, color, by customizing the main fabric, and/or accessories (like Monogrammed the Corporate Logo onto the front panel of the bag, either by imprint, embroidery, or emboss etc; or personalized logo to the zipper pull, monogrammed inside lining etc.).


Well, all such requirements are as easy as Cake to Kinmart! We carry out such Personalization work everyday for the clients worldwide.


Everything starts just in following 3 steps:

1. Select Your Interested Bags from our website, or provide your own bags in physical or in pictures/designs;

2. Provide Your LOGO file (in high resolution /or in Vector format) and your delivery address (with phone #, for Samples couriering later.)

3. We’ll send you Virtual Design for your approval and quote the Sampling Cost.

After paying such Sampling Costs, just wait approx. 1-3 weeks to receive your OWN Personalized / DIY Bag!

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