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Plain Microfiber No.: 70
High Quality Camouflage Nylon No.: 7057
Fabric with Monogrammed Rose Pattern in Korea Style No.: 8836
Monogrammed Print Paisley Pattern Nylon No.: 5664
Quality Satin With Printed Paisley Design No.: 3031
Satin No.: 1707
Soft, Quality Velvet No.: 7594
Quality Polytex with Classic Polka Dots Print No.: 7522
Polyester No.: 7338
Polyester No.: 7259
High Quality Furry Velvet No.: 2756
Soft Poly Twill Furry No.: 1949
High Quality Twill (Polyester) No.: 2038
Monogrammed Print Polka Dots Satin No.: 6900
Camouflage Neoprene No.: 7009
Soft Checkered Pattern Compound Fabric No.: 6465
Tiny Striped Pattern Polyester No.: 6366
Soft Monogrammed Paisley 230T Nylon/PVC No.: 6033
Paisley Print Pattern Polyester No.: 6392
Quality Satin Monogrammed with Paisley Print Pattern No.: 3108
Flower Printing PVC/Tiny Silver Spot No.: 5635
Camouflage - Digital Dots No.: 7376
Quality Polyester Fabric/PU Backing No.: 6897
High Quality Nylon No.: 6996
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Explore a Vast Range of Quality Bag Materials & Accessories at Kinmart


At Kinmart, we understand that the essence of a great custom bag lies in the quality of its materials and the uniqueness of its accessories. That's why we offer a comprehensive collection of materials ranging from luxurious fabrics to eco-friendly leathers, alongside a variety of accessories such as zippers, handles, and embellishments.


Whether you're designing a custom piece or looking to manufacture at scale, our selection ensures that every bag stands out for its durability, style, and individuality. Discover the possibilities with Kinmart and elevate your bag designs today.

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