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#5 Metal Zipper Pull with PU Leather Tassel No.: 7170
#5 Zipper Pull No.: 1962
#5 Common Use Nylon Zipper Pull No.: 85
#5 Quality Zipper pull with Metal Clip No.: 7428
#5 Zipper Pull for Plastic Zipper No.: 127
Zipper Pull No.: 3113
Plastic Casting Pull No.: 7072
#5 Zipper Head, Matching Fabric Pull No.: 2491
Bamboo Zipper Pull No.: 2691
Debossed Metal Zip Pull No.: 7092
5-Star Zipper Pull No.: 8872
5-Star Zipper Pull No.: 8871
Exclusive 3-Bead Shape Zipper Pull No.: 3611
#5 Zipper Pull 5-Star No.: 4157
Acrylic Loving Heart Zipper Pull No.: 6301
Anchor Shape Zipper Pull No.: 7487
PU Leather Zip Pull Embeded with Metal Clip No.: 7352
Keyring Zip Pull with Decorative PU Leather Tassel No.: 7631
#5 Rubberized Zipper Pull No.: 3120
#5 Heavily Strong Metal Zipper Pull No.: 3343
Rubberized Zipper Pull (3 Stars) No.: 3718
Rubberized Zip Pull in Star Shape No.: 3714
Rubberized Zipper Pull with Heart Shape No.: 3715
Rubberized Zipper Pull with Star Decorations (for Men) No.: 5739
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Explore a Vast Range of Quality Bag Materials & Accessories at Kinmart


At Kinmart, we understand that the essence of a great custom bag lies in the quality of its materials and the uniqueness of its accessories. That's why we offer a comprehensive collection of materials ranging from luxurious fabrics to eco-friendly leathers, alongside a variety of accessories such as zippers, handles, and embellishments.


Whether you're designing a custom piece or looking to manufacture at scale, our selection ensures that every bag stands out for its durability, style, and individuality. Discover the possibilities with Kinmart and elevate your bag designs today.

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