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· Satin Fabric w/Wide Multi-colour Stripe(8)
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· Shiny Boxy PVC Imprint Heart Pattern(3)
· Canvas 10 Ounce /Dye Color(14)
· 300D Fabric with Multi-Color Stripe(5)
· Jacquard Monogrammed e(1)
· Microfibre w/Leopard Print(6)
· Metallic PVC Leather(5)
· Jacquard(4 Retangular)(3)
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· High Quality Snake Skin Pattern PU Leather(6)
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· Tiger Pattern PU Leather(19)
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· Croco PU Leather(2)
· Croc PU Leather(4)
· Leopard Pattern PU Leather(3)
· High Quality Small Snake Skin Pattern PU Leather(3)
· High Quality PU Leather (Victoria)(4)
· PU Leather with Little Zebra Skin Print(4)
· Snake Skin Pattern Faux Leather(6)
· High Quality Snake Skin PU Leather(9)
· High Quality Nylon with Check Quilt Pattern(3)
· High Quality Camouflage Nylon(4)
· Snake Skin Pattern PU Leather(4)
· 5 Pattern PVC Leather(6)
· Peacock Pattern Canvas(5)
· Leopard Print Cotton/Pad Pasting(8)
· Snake Skin Pattern PU Leather(5)
· Cotton Fabric(1)
· Pearlised PU Leather with Litchi Pattern(8)
· Super Soft and Quality Nylon(13)
· PU Leather(8)
· Love Printing PU Leather(10)
· Persian Leopard PU Leather(9)
· Small dots on gold PU leather(3)
· Walf checked(22)
· Coated Linen/Burlap(4)
· Luxury Strip PU Leather(11)
· Top Quality PU Leather(Diamond Pattern)(8)
· WOVEN Pattern PU Leather(18)
· Engraved Pattern PU Leather(7)
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Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed

Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed Plum

Bulk Custom Order
Max. US$3.**/
Mini Qty 1000 pcs/color
Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed

Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed Black

Bulk Custom Order
Max. US$3.**/
Mini Qty 1000 pcs/color
Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed

Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed Dark Grey

Bulk Custom Order
Max. US$3.**/
Mini Qty 1000 pcs/color

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We keep developing & listing online various styles of Cosmetic Bags, Makeup bag, as well as Toiletry Bag.

The bags are with variety function when get personalized our designer, to meet different use purpose.

By different size, the cosmetic bags will be Large or Small markeup bag; By different shape, will be Vanity Case, Roll up Bag; by whom will use, will be for Men, for Women or Kids; by custom-made in different fabrics,
the bags will be cute, cheap. And when with a hanger, will be hanging toilet bags for travelling by men or women; or get quilted, roll-up to pack cosmetics, brushes as Quilted Cosmetic Bag, Roll up Bag & Brush Makeup Bag, even to make different style of cosmetic bags Set etc.

The above styles of cosmetic and toiletry bags are acceptable for either Customization & Personalization, or Wholesale from our warehouse as long as stocks are available.

Custom Cosmetic & Makeup Bags

As an experienced bags manufacturer & factory, we are able to provide customization & personalization service to satisfy client's different demand.

The Customization service includes:

  • Custom make cosmetic bags with different sizes from the existing;
  • Personalized bags with different colors;
  • Monogrammed bags with Corporate Logo, or Brand by different personalized way (like Silk Screen Imprint, Embroidery, Rubberized or even the Metal Badge);
  • Personalize the Main Fabrics of the Cosmetic Bags to the desired fabrics;
  • Customize the Matching Materials to the desired;
  • Personalize the different type zipper;
  • Personalize zipper pull with company logo or logo;
  • Custom change the lining, with or without;

In case client has their own designs of cosmetic / makeup bags, we can monogram it by sent physical sample or designs.

Custom Order is requested by our Minimum Order Quantity, that we set in blue color the <Mini Qty xxxx pcs/color> for different bags & pouches, starting mini order quantity from 600 pcs, to 1000 pcs, as well as 1500 pcs, 3000 pcs, depending on the product size and value of order.

Of course, we understand some personalized bags are used as Promotional Cosmetic Bags, or Corporate Giveaway Gift Bag, the price will get lower and affordablely Cheap when with bulky and sizable order quantity!

Wholesale Cosmetic Bags & Toiletry Bags from Available Stock

To quickly satisfy client's urgent wholesale order with small quantity, we also pre-manufacture and keep a certain quantity inventory of Cosmetic Bags, Toiletry Bags and Makeup Bags in stocks.

Clients will find online wholesale-able bags & pouches, with available stock quantity, wholesale prices, which are listed above in Green color. Therefore, we can privide wholesale business to cover

  • Wholesale Cosmetic Bags;
  • Wholesale Makeup Bags;
  • Wholesale Toiletry Bags, etc.,

directly from our China manufacturing factory. By this way, our clients can benefit Cheap Cosmetic Bags,Cheap Makeup Bags, starting as low as US$0.45, as well as quick delivery within 3 working days, while not much hassle of Mini Order Quantity.

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