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Customized Bags, Personalized Bags, Easy Here!

Since 2000, Kinmart has established successful itself as a trusted bag manufacturing factory and supplier in China, specializing in Custom Bags for clients worldwide.

Understanding Custom Orders

Custom orders, often referred to as OEM or ODM, allow clients to personalize bags to their liking. This includes choosing the style, fabric (such as Microfibre, Satin, Nylon, Artificial Leather, Canvas, and more), accessories, color, size, and even the logo or brand (in Silk Screen Imprint, Embroidery, Metal Badge, Rubberized, etc.). These orders are subject to a minimum order quantity and a specific production lead-time.

Benefits of Custom Orders

Custom orders provide clients with the flexibility to choose bags that align with their company’s seasonal sales strategy or corporate promotional campaign. This ensures that the bags not only serve their functional purpose but also contribute to the company’s branding efforts.

How to Place a Custom Order

Placing a custom order is not only a creative and fun process but also requires some knowledge of different bag styles, fabrics, accessories, and logo applicability. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose Your Bag: Start by selecting the type of bag you’re interested in, such as a monogrammed cosmetic bag, toiletry bag, tote bag, or handbag.

  2. Customize Your Bag: On the bag’s detailed page, you can customize the order quantity, personalize the logo, or click on ‘Custom Bag More’ to replace different fabrics, colors, accessories, and even create and upload your own brand logo.

  3. Review Your Order: Once you’ve personalized your bag, the new prices based on your customization and intended order quantity will be automatically updated. Click ‘Save & Return’ to go back to the previous page. (Registration/login is required)

  4. Place Your Order: You can now place a sample order, a custom order, or send further inquiries.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, simply drop us an email with your customization requirements, and we at Kinmart will customize it for you. We can even send you personalized bag visual designs for your approval.

Custom Order Product Scope

Our custom order product scope includes but is not limited to:

The Enchanting World of Cute Cosmetic Bags


For makeup enthusiasts who love a touch of whimsy, a cute cosmetic bag is the perfect way to store your beauty essentials. These charming bags come in a variety of adorable styles and colors, ensuring you find one that matches your unique personality.


Imagine a world beyond bulky makeup bags. Cute makeup pouches adorned with playful patterns, fluffy pom-poms, or even shimmering sequins can transform your vanity into a delightful display. Many even feature compartments and pockets to keep your makeup organized, so you can ditch the clutter and embrace functional cuteness.


But don't be fooled by their adorable exteriors. Cute cosmetic bags are surprisingly practical. The compact size makes them ideal for travel, fitting neatly into your luggage or purse. The water-resistant materials protect your makeup from spills and leaks, while the secure closures keep everything contained. So you can take your favorite makeup on the go, all while maintaining an undeniably cute aesthetic.


More Than Just Adorable: The Functionality of Cute Cosmetic Bags


Beyond aesthetics, cute makeup bags offer functionality that goes beyond the expected. Many feature wipeable linings for easy cleaning, perfect for makeup mishaps. Some even include detachable compartments, allowing you to customize the interior to fit your specific needs.


Whether you're a professional makeup artist seeking a touch of personality or a casual makeup lover who appreciates a little extra charm, a cute cosmetic bag is a delightful choice. These bags are a perfect blend of style and practicality, keeping your makeup organized, protected, and undeniably adorable wherever you go.


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