Promote your Business with Wholesale Canvas Tote Bags

Wholesale Canvas Tote Bags from Kinmart

Wholesale Canvas Tote Bags

In current competitive business environment, it has become critical for businesses to keep their company’s name, logo, and contact details on consumer’s minds. Businesses need support of effective promotional strategies to lure more customers and increase their profits and revenues.

Almost all businesses use different promotional strategies to give constant exposure to their business. However, achieving that constant exposure for products and service is not a pocket friendly affair. Most of the advertising mediums such as traditional print, television, and radio advertising are expensive. All businesses are not able to bear such huge advertising costs, especially startups.

Tote Bags Personalized

Small Tote Bags Personalized

In such a scenario, promotional items seem to be cheap and effective means of promoting your goods and services. There are many different varieties of promotional goods available in the market. These promotional goods are appropriate for companies that can’t afford big promotional initiatives as well as those who wish to spend only small fraction of cost on advertising.

Jumbo Canvas Shopper Bag Custom Order at Kinmart

Jumbo Canvas Shopper Bag

As market is flooded with an array of promotional goods, you need to choose one as per your advertising needs and budget. Advertising with wholesale canvas tote bags is very popular way of promoting different businesses. Let’s find out how wholesale canvas tote bags can be helpful in promoting your brand and business:

  • Customized wholesale tote bag can be easily given to customers on special occasions and festivals. It will truly delight your customers and target audience and will make your brand remembered for long time.
  • Tote bags wholesale are amazing means of promoting your business as they provide total visibility to your business anywhere and everywhere. You can get your company name or logo imprinted in stylish manner in these bags. These bags will advertise your brand and business wherever you will take them. In this way, people will notice your company name and logo wherever you will take them.
  • Promotional tote bags are cheapest means of advertising businesses. Start up businesses can easily use these easily accessible and cheap promotional tote bags wholesale to promote them.
Monogrammed Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale from Kinmart

Monogrammed Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

If you want to buy canvas Wholesale Tote Bag at competitive prices, the best way is to buy them through online stores. Many online stores offer tote bags at attractive prices. These stores also give your customization options so you can get your company name and logo imprinted on these bags in the way you want.

You can easily browse for a wide range of tote bags at cheap prices. It is advisable to buy promotional goods only from reliable stores to buy good quality products at reasonable prices.

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Where to Buy Good Quality Wholesale Canvas Tote Bags

Tote Bags Wholesale

Tote Bags Wholesale

Bags are surely essential belongings. Whatever be the occupation and profession of a person, bags are necessary for everyone. For many, they are also an eternal part of their wardrobe. This is the reason; they are available in a host of options. However, there are certain aspects which should be considered while buying them. Making the purchase from any place, would result in paying more and the option to make the selection from a limited number of bags.

No doubt, retail price of every product is much more than the wholesale price of the same product. It is the margin which lies between the retail and wholesale price that makes the profit for the seller. However, there are some aspects which are necessary and have to be taken care of with the help of profit money. The rent of the retail address, the employees working at that address, and other expenses are the aspects which have to be met by the seller. It is these aspects which keep the price of the Tote Bags Wholesale, available at a retail store, steeper.

Wholesale Tote Bag

Wholesale Tote Bag

Customers never want to pay more. However, the whole buying and selling concept is based on attracting customers and make them buy their offered bags. It is to attract these customers a large amount is spent, which eventually get added to the final price of the Wholesale Canvas Tote bags. This is the reason, online shopping has emerged an appropriate platform where customers can purchase required bags, at a remarkably affordable price.

There are many online retail stores which offer massive discounts to their customers. There are many reasons why they are able to do so. The prominent ones are that they purchase cheap, and they do not have to spend much, apart from the storage and transportation. The online portal can be designed, developed and maintained at a fractional price. All such aspects eventually reduce the price of the wholesale tote bags.

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Chinese New Year Holiday Arrangement

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 Greetings from Kinmart


Dear Friends & Clients,

Our factory will close production by Feb. 3rd, and open on Feb 18th, 2013;
And our office will officially close by Feb. 6th, and open on Feb 17th, 2013

However during the holiday we will still try to make quotation (But not for sampling production); and email reply regarding new orders.

We appreciate all your support in the past year, and we are looking forwards to closer cooperation in the coming year.

Best REGARDS from All Kinmart Staff

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Custom Cosmetic Bags for Fashion Conscious Women

Custom cosmetic bags from Kinmart

Custom cosmetic bags

Custom cosmetic bags are getting very popular among women of all ages. Especially, working women, college girls and those ladies who travel a lot find it better to keep their makeup accessories in a separate bag. They are easily available in local market as well as plethora of online shops. Besides it, you can also choose from a range of branded cosmetic bags.

Cosmetic bags are amazing means of carrying your entire make up stuff and other accessories. These carriers ensure that your expensive make up accessories are safe and you can use them anywhere as per your convenience. Now, more and more women prefer to buy custom cosmetic bags along with their bag or purse for safeguarding their expensive make up accessories.

  • Many women find it better to buy cosmetic bag similar to the design or colour of their purse or bag. It is way of showing your style. You can also buy cosmetic bags in contrast colours to match design of your bag or purse.
  • If you already have a purse or bag, you should preferably buy a cosmetic bag of size which easily fit into your purse. It will be easy for you to carry your cosmetic bag in your purse.

    Custom cosmetic bags from Kinmart

    Custom cosmetic bags

  • Many custom cosmetic bags have different functional compartments. It makes it easy to keep your make up brushes and other tidbits in an orderly manner. They also save your stuff from being damaged.
  • Custom cosmetic bags are your best companion if you are traveling. These bags are available in an array of designs, sizes and colors. If you don’t have time to shop for them, you can easily check out a wide range of cosmetics bags online. Many online stores sell cosmetic bags from local as well as renowned brands. You can also buy custom bags designed in your specific color.

    Custom Promotional Cosmetic Bag

    Custom Promotional Cosmetic Bag

  • Custom cosmetic bags are also preferred for promotional gifting. Many companies find it better to buy cosmetic bags wholesale to be distributed among employees on special occasions and festivals. Many online stores offer cosmetic bags wholesale at competitive prices. It is easy to select and order cosmetic bags online and get them at your door step.

Custom cosmetic bags are must to be bought accessory by fashion conscious women.

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Cheers for Peaceful, Prosperous 2013!

Cheers from 2013 New Year from Kinmart

Cheers for 2013 New Year

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Merry Christmas & Happy, Prosperous 2013!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 - Greetings from Kinmart

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013

Although in the past year, the entire world economic is not so satisfactory, even worse is in some areas & countries, there were still bomb attacks & wars happened now & then, we are looking forwards ahead the next year of 2013 will change better.

The world will be full of Wisdom & Love;

The world will change to even more brighter, more peaceful, happier in everywhere, to everyone.

Finally, Our Kinmart Staff wish All our Friends, Business Partner,

Merry Christmas & Happy, Prosperous 2013!


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Custom Order Cosmetics Bags, Purses & Cases

Hi, Kinmart have released a stylish range of cosmetic bags, purses & Vanity cases.

Click on the image below to purchase or for more information.

Black & Gold Cosmetic purse from Kinmart

Black & Gold Cosmetic purse

Kinmart Black & Gold Cosmetic purse is a thick material zip bag used to store your cosmetics when you travel.

Custom luxury cosmetic cases from Kinmart

Custom luxury cosmetic cases

Kinmart Black & Gold Cosmetic Vanity Case is sturdy fabric case used to store your Cosmetics. It has a zip flip top along with mirror and pockets on your side.

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Most Welcomed Promotional Cosmetic Bag

Custom Cosmetic Bag With Corporate Logo

Custom Cosmetic Bag With Corporate Logo

The item which we are quite proud is our Cosmetic Bag KM-A1188.00, which made of smooth-feeling Satin, bright color fabrics.  The style, the shape is appealing.

Such bag is acceptable to have it personalized with the corporate logo, or brand name imprinted in the front, at the center or anywhere you like, or even you can monogram its all main body with your designs!

In case you want custom the bag with your preferable color, that’s fine.  We have approx. 20 different colors of satin available to tailor-make to your requirement.

With our quickly turn-out,  low cost pricing, the bag become hot choice for cosmetic companies  who plan to launch  a new promotional campaign.

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New Cosmetic Vanity Available for Wholesale NOW!

Wholesale Cosmetic Case in Bulk from Kinmart

Wholesale Cosmetic Case in Bulk

Wholesale Cosmetic Case in Bulk Today we are pleased to release our new large cosmetic soft case, but with only small stock available.   Its wholesale price is only US$3.50.

Quickily to place your wholesale Order now  at:

Shipment can be made one working day after confirmation of order.

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Quilted Cosmetic Bag for Traveling & Promotional Gift

Large Quilted Cosmetic Bag

Large Quilted Cosmetic Bag

hi, everyone , I like to specially recommend a very hot-sell quilted makeup bag.

This extra large quilted makeup bag is designed to hold all kinds of your beauty supplies.

The match-color PVC leather is applied around the main zipper, zipper pull, and the handle, main body is square-quilted soft touch satin, and the interior consists two open pouches for easy access to smaller items and one large zippered pouch to keep fragile items neat and compact. Features a convenient PVC leather handle for carrying. It’s a great partner for traveling or as a great promotional gift bag by cosmetic company to their customers.

This item can be ordered starting 300 pcs, through our website, with different colors available and lower cost when need to buy bulk quantity, even if you need to custom the bag with your LOGO onto the bag.

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